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Thornbury Flower Shop

As the leading Thornbury flower shop our team here at Alnor is made up of leading florists, designers and knowledgeable personnel. Fully Australian owned and operated we have extensive knowledge in the industry and have a combined experience of 20 years. We tailor make bouquets for our clients to suit their aspirations and occasions. We can fix and design no matter the complexity. That’s what makes us stand out! Let’s take a look at some of the main flowers and what they symbolise.


Red roses are a symbol of romantic love and should be reserved for those with whom you have a mutual romantic relationship, however, white roses, on the other hand, signify purity and make a lovely birthday gift for a family member or friend. Yellow roses, such as the bright, fresh long stem yellow rose, make an innocent and safe selection for anyone’s birthday. Alnor houses all types of roses and hence why we are the best Thornbury flower shop.


Orchids are no longer for the rich and pampered. Hybrid breeds of orchids make them an ideal gift for any occasion. The modern orchids are easy to care for and show a level of caring to the birthday celebrant that doesn’t carry overtones of romance. Orchids are universally loved and make appropriate birthday gifts for anyone.

Mixed Flowers

Chrysanthemums make an ideal birthday gift for someone with whom you do not have a romantic relationship. They may, on the other hand, be a bit too tame for a spouse or lover. Unless your loved one is enamoured with lilies or daisies, you may want to save those flowers for younger family members or children of close friends. The size of the bouquet also speaks to the level of your involvement with the recipient.

Flowers are endless and the opportunities are also endless. Here at Alnor we work with you to pinpoint the best orientation with the best flowers. We found out that liaising with the client and understanding their needs is paramount when the final product is presented. If you are looking for a Thornbury flower shop that is knowledgeable and equitably priced. We are you only solution! Contact us now!

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